Now the Sun is Out

It rained for a week and I had to wade in murky thigh-deep waters just to get home. Not a good experience. So yesterday, for the first time in so many days, the sun came out…a little bit shy maybe, but it was good enough for a short walk. Then today, it came out bright and strong and it made me happy. I miss the sun. I hope it’ll be sunny until after my birthday…or make that the entire month of July as we will be out doing field work in the mountains for most of the month.

It is manic Monday, and after 2 hours of endless discussions in meetings that seem to go on in circles, I read a blog post about changing personality traits and it is a bit of an enlightening read on such a hectic, but sunny day (so there are lesser things to feel harassed about). It got me thinking about what other people usually say about me, these not so good personality traits that I have and how I tried to outgrow them somehow, or as my former counselor used to say, to be more aware and more accepting of them.

People always tell me that I am not sweet and that I do not know how to reciprocate small acts, very minute details, of kindness. Maybe because I take them for granted and I am too self-centered to be not aware of them. Just maybe because I seem to have outgrown a little bit of my selfish mean self (hehehe). I am not that sweet and I may be a little bit bitter, I may be sour sometimes because of stress (read acidic personality as a college friend used to tell me) and I am often salty with tears, but I think that is what makes me interesting. A little too complicated for some, but I am not the type who try to be someone I am not.

Anyway, I’ll settle for interesting, anytime, any day.


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